October 23, 2018

Private Land Burials

We have, over the last few weeks, helped four families with burials on private land. This enables them to keep the funeral very close to home […]
October 10, 2018

Suicide prevention minister appointed

Theresa May has appointed the world’s first suicide prevention Minister in a bid to reduce the number of people taking their own lives. Health minister Jackie […]
October 5, 2018

If you can’t attend a funeral

When someone you know dies, it’s normal to want to say a final farewell to them at their funeral. But what if you can’t attend, how […]
September 26, 2018

Funerals – Balancing Costs and Quality

A new report by Royal London Insurance has shown a significant slowdown in rising funeral costs with a small decrease over the last 12 months, despite […]
September 20, 2018

Questions to ask a Funeral Director

Following on from our recent blog, Not All Funeral Directors are the Same, we thought it might help if we compiled a list of questions to […]
September 18, 2018

Not All Funeral Directors Are The Same

Your relationship with the funeral director is important. Their role is to help you to arrange the funeral of your choice. The way the funeral director approaches this […]
September 13, 2018

Funerals for the Unaffiliated

Many people are not members of any religious congregation, what we call unaffiliated (to a religion or set belief system). Over the past twenty years funeral […]
September 10, 2018

Ten Ways To Improve A Crematorium Funeral

It is the funeral ceremony that everyone remembers. The person who has died takes centre stage for the last time and those attending may begin to […]
August 30, 2018

Ten ways to reduce the burden of funeral costs

Following on from our previous blog, Ways to help paying for a funeral, we felt that suggesting ten ways to reduce the burden of funeral costs […]


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