Funeral Costs

Funeral costs. We are completely transparent in our pricing

Welcome to our funeral costs page, which we hope you will find clear and transparent. We set out our costs for cremations, burials, direct cremations and low cost funerals.

We are proud to be awarded Fair Funerals Funeral Director Of The Month.

fair-funeral-logoTheir principals are that funeral directors:

  1. recognise that funerals can be expensive and many people struggle with the cost.
  2. help people to find funerals that are within their means.
  3. are open about their most affordable options, including third party costs in initial conversations , within their price lists and on their website.

All coffins, cars, burial and cremation costs are charged to you at cost. So you know exactly how much you are paying for the knowledge, expertise and time of our highly trained staff, premises and specialist equipment. We are the only funeral company in Devon to charge in this way and we believe it should become the industry standard. We do not ask for deposits and our standard payment term is 30 days.

See our detailed costs

Want to do some (or all) of it yourselves?

We are always happy to help with funeral advice and provide specific services to self-directed families for funerals. Please call us to discuss this on 01803 840779 or 01364 643522.

You can also see our Family Involvement section and Home Funerals page.

A typical example of a cremation funeral with the service at the crematorium:
Care of the person who died£975
Advice, arrangements, administration£825
Funeral director£200
Celebrant £300
Coffin: plain veneer wood £350
Formal Hearse from£285
Cremation fee £1150
Doctor's fees £82
A typical example of a burial funeral with the service at the graveside:
Care for the body of the person£975
Advice, arrangements, administration£825
Funeral director£200
Coffin: cardboard£170
Informal 'hearse'£100
Bidwell woodland burial ground£1200
A direct cremation funeral without a service includes:

Care for the body of the person
Advice, arrangements, administration
Funeral director on the day
Estate car as hearse
Cremation fee

TOTAL£1550 inclusive
A Direct Cremation separates the cremation from the funeral ceremony. There are no mourners present and it takes place early or late in the day. Unlike many direct cremation packages, we will meet you and the cremation will take place locally. Also we will dress the person who has died and you are welcome to come and sit with them at Riverstone to say your farewells. You can still hold a memorial service in your own time, wherever and however you choose – at home, in a function room, in a favourite place or at a local hall. We are happy to advise you on the kind of ceremony that feels right to you. We can also suggest a suitable celebrant to lead a service should you want one.

See full terms and conditions (pdf)

The Low Cost Funeral is available only when the person paying for the funeral is on Benefits or where there is financial hardship.

A Low Cost cremation funeral with the service at the crematorium includes:

Care for the body of the person
Advice, arrangements, administration
Funeral director
Funeral vehicle
Cremation fee
Doctors’ fees

This no frills funeral will be held at the crematorium or cemetery at a time determined by the funeral director with a simple service led by a minister or celebrant. The family are welcome to contribute to the service with a tribute, readings and music of your choice.

See full terms and conditions (pdf)

  • Alan
    Thank you both very much for all your arrangements and contributions last Saturday. The whole day was a rich fulfilment of Jean's wishes, and enabled a very varied "congregation" to join in, just as Jean had envisaged. The skilful blending of symbolic candles, sung and spoken words and the chosen music was really powerful and reminiscent for so many people of their connections with Jean, and one another: and the immediate transfer of the video to Ann enabled her to bring even the distant family into the spirit of the day. The burning fire on arrival and the ceremony on the hillside emphasised the element of naturality, not forgetting the excellent refreshments to round off the day.
  • Jude Bishop
    Thank you so much, Simon, for all the thoughtful and kind attention you, Lilah and Hannah gave us as we prepared for Dad’s funeral. I particularly appreciated: Lilah’s respectful kindness when she came to collect Dad and when we sat with him at Riverstone; The text messages from you, which felt very holding; The time you gave us to help prepare for the ceremony; The steady presence you provided as you gently steered us through the ceremony; Being given the candle afterwards which I often light; And not least, your sense of humour!
    Jude Bishop
  • Anne Kimber
    Thanks so much for everything you did to help make Pauline’s send-off really special. Everyone loved the venue, layout, and how the ceremony was conducted, and the coffin was wonderful – they were all quite amazed by it! The catering was brilliant and well worth the hassle to get it looking so professional. Everyone was hugely appreciative of the end result. I think Pauline would have greatly enjoyed the occasion. Who knows, maybe she was up there somewhere looking down on us with a twinkle in her eye!
    Anne Kimber
  • Thank you very much for arranging and creating the space so that we could have my mother’s funeral in exactly the way that felt right for us. It was a great way to say goodbye in an intimate and family-friendly way, and for us to affirm our connection with each other and with life.


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