Hearses and Transport

We can provide a choice of hearse transport and cars. The black hearse is formal and traditional. If this doesn’t feel right there are other less formal possibilities. It’s a matter of finding the vehicle that seems to suit best. We often use a silver estate car instead of a hearse for a less formal feel, but we can bring in a wide range of vehicles on your behalf.

Our full range of hearses and transport

Download a PDF brochure version of these hearses and transport



Using your own vehicle

It is perfectly possible for the coffin to be taken to the funeral in any vehicle of your choice, driven by anyone who would like to do this.

A woman who loved her camper van was driven by a friend in that vehicle, a young man went in the van he used to drive, and others have used the family car or a hired one.


This is the family car, in pink satin for Mum


A marbled cardboard coffin in family car


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