You can choose a coffin that suits the style of the funeral and character of the person. A round-ended willow coffin makes a very different to statement to a picture coffin, traditional wood coffin or American style casket.

Think about the person who has died: their values, whether they wore expensive and elegant, stylish or practical clothes, whether they are a flambouyant, colourful or quiet character, how traditional or individual they were, and you may get some idea about the sort of coffin that would be right for them.

You can choose from many.

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Green Coffins
Green Coffins?

Not all the coffins in this brochure can be described as ‘green’, but we do endeavour to provide you with a wide range to give you plenty of choice.


As a rough and ready guide, we have given three green ratings, high (the best), medium and low. This rating system is a subjective view based on the knowledge we have of the products.


Materials are important. For example, the willow, bamboo and recycled cardboard coffins are made from the most sustainable resources. Some of the solid wood coffins have Forest Stewardship Council certification.

Veneered chipboard coffins are rated low because of the uncertainty surrounding the inclusion of formaldehyde in the glues, even though chipboard is largely made from waste wood.


Transport is also a factor, so we endeavour to let you know where the coffins are manufactured. Generally, UK is best, but some of the coffins coming from China or Poland are packed inside each other and our main supplier claims the shipping energy use is the equivalent of less than 10 road miles. Where we are not sure about transport, we have given coffins from China and the Far East made from eco-friendly materials a medium rating to reflect this uncertainty.
Home or DIY funeral? Or just want to buy a coffin from us?
You can buy from us and we will send it to a UK address within 48 hours.

However, because all the prices shown here are at cost (for our funeral clients), please add £125 to the price shown.
Just buying a coffin without us organising the funeral?

Because all the prices shown here are at cost for our funeral clients (see below), please add £125 to the price shown.

Price variations/range

Where we show a range of price, the following may add to the cost:

Extra long or short or extra large Some have optional handles All coffins are at cost price

We sell all coffins to our funeral directing clients at cost price.

We feel this is the most transparent pricing system. We charge for our time and facilities through our professional charges and not by hiding any part of this in the cost of the coffin (or other items such as hearse, cars, cremation costs).

As we charge for coffins at cost price, if our supplier changes their prices or you require something extra, we will let you know the extra price before you finalise your choice.


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