Hello and welcome to Heart & Soul Funerals, award-winning independent funeral directors in Devon, ready to care for you and your family.

Heart & Soul Funerals is the new name for Green Fuse Funerals, which we feel reflects the extensive range of funeral services you may expect from a modern,  family company.

To have someone close to you die is a profound life event; their absence changes everything. You may be feeling shaky, exhausted, or shocked and you will need someone who can listen and respond to your needs with kindness and attention, who can assist you and make the seemingly huge tasks ahead much easier and less complicated.

What we offer

One sort of funeral does not fit all and we take a great deal of care to get it right for your loved one and your family. We believe that diversity brings depth and richness to our culture, our families and the path of being human. Each funeral can be as individual as the person who has died.

We have assisted families in caring for their dead and saying farewell in a way they find the most comfortable and natural for them, by listening attentively and being authentic, kind and friendly. We have years of experience and professional qualifications behind us.

We hope that you begin to find what you need on our informative and easy to read site.  Please call us to discuss anything further. Click on the pictures in the side bar for further information about these types of funerals.  Whether you need a full funeral directing service for cremation or burial, or for us to organize a low cost funeral, a direct cremation or assist with a home funeral, we have the capacity and experience to work with you at this time when you are feeling so sad and wondering how on earth you are going to be able to cope with it all.

Our pricing structure is clear and straightforward and we do not make additional costs to services we buy in for you; cars, coffins, flowers, catering etc.

We can visit you at home to talk things through or you can come to our High Street shop. We welcome you to our homely and beautiful funeral home in the on the banks of the Dart near Buckfastleigh for vigils, ceremonies and where your loved one will be cared for in a thoughtful, kind and professional environment.


Photo of Heart and Soul Funeral Directors - Jane Simon Hannah Massimo

Jane Morrell, Simon Smith, Hannah Nutbeem & Massimo Giannuzzi

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